Prudence or Greed?

Grain field against the sunshine

The rich man in the parable this weekend seems very prudent. The year’s harvest was good and next year’s might fail. Don’t we take out insurance to guard against unexpected difficult situations? But there is a difference between prudence and greed and it is the excess and the self-satisfied complacency which is condemned.

As the war continues in Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, it will inevitably affect this year’s harvests and consequently the supply of food. Ukraine is an important producer of wheat, rye, corn, barley, sugar beets, sunflowers and potatoes which together make up a large part of our Western diet. Price rises for these basic food stuffs are unavoidable which will cause hardship to many in our country, but far worse in the poorer countries of the world.

CAFOD poses a question for us to reflect upon this week…In the face of this reality, what might be our response in the light of this Gospel passage? Will we hoard these essential foods so that we have more than enough without considering the impact this might have on the availability and price of products on the world market? Or will we reject a selfish attitude and do what we can to ensure that all are fed and so make ourselves “rich in the sight of God.”


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