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Church Cleaning Group

St. Edward’s Church
Contact: c/o St. Edward’s Presbytery

Eucharistic Ministers

Fr. Gregory 01536 512497 email:

This ministry is not new, it existed in the early Church when parishes were widespread and transport was effectively non-existent. The Ministry was restored in 1973 by Pope Paul VI and in 1974 in Northamptonshire Diocese by Bishop Charles Grant. Invitation to undergo training for this ministry is at the discretion of the Parish Priest. The duties of a Eucharistic Minister are first and foremost to take Holy Communion to the sick and housebound wherever they may be (home, care home, hospital etc). When a parishioner cannot get to church, the church goes to them.

On the fourth Sunday every second month, Eucharistic Ministers lead a Liturgy of the Word service in the Chapel at Kettering General Hospital. A service is also taken in a Care Home. Some 30 or more sick, elderly and housebound parishioners receive Holy Communion in this way. Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest at Mass in distributing Holy Communion.

Finance Committee

Contacts: Chair: Rosemary Johnson.

Flower Group

St. Edward’s Flower Group
Contact: Cath McInally 01536 483016, email:

St. Edward’s Flower Group began in 1993. The group enjoys a thriving social life. During the year small groups work on a rota basis. For special seasons such as Easter and Christmas all members work together. Anyone who would like to join the group would be welcome. The group is willing to do flowers for weddings. Since 1996 it has charged for this service. The money raised goes to local charities and those in the wider community. Up to December 2006 the amount donated was £2,640 with £1,185 of this going to Cransley Hospice.

Guild of St. Stephen

Contact: Barry Forsdyke via Presbytery Office 01536 512497 or via email:

Parish Communications Group

Information, Presbytery Office 01536 512497 or via email:
Website, to add or amend information on the Parish website: e-mail: Webmaster

Parish Property Manager

Contact: Presbytery Office 01536 512497 or via email:

Presbytery Office

2, The Grove, Kettering, Northants NN15 7QQ. Tel: 01536 512497. email:
Contact: Parish Secretary, Ewa


New Readers who have the confidence to read aloud and clearly from the Sanctuary are welcomed. Young people are encouraged to join in and take part in this important ministry. Training can be given. For more details contact Fr. Gregory 01536 512497 email:

Readers of the Sacred Scriptures take a real responsibility in delivering to the congregation the message of God and his Son Our Lord Jesus Christ. In proclaiming the Word of God from Sacred Scripture readers are exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ.

St. Edward’s Welcoming Group

Contact: Presbytery Office 01536 512497

For enquiries please contact the Parish Office or Fr. Gregory directly by phone 01536 512497 or email:

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