Getting right with God

In readings through the coming week, Jesus urges His followers to prepare for escape, in the same way the Israelites dressed at the first Passover before they left Egypt (Exodus […]

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Lambs among wolves

A highly educated and fluid author, St. Luke has his feast day on October 18.  He also wrote the Acts of the Apostles, the history of the early Church and […]

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Time for listening

Time for listening In the coming weeks readings, we see there are many ways we can follow the Lord; we can proclaim the Good News, pray for and serve others. […]

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Spiritual breathing space

A vast Ottoman navy was poised to invade Europe in 1571. The Christian forces had already suffered numerous defeats as the Ottomans expanded across the Mediterranean.  Putting his support behind a […]

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Battle of the Angels

Battle of the Angels This week on September 29 we honour the three archangels named in Scripture: Michael (in Daniel, Jude and Revelation), Gabriel (in Daniel and Luke), and Raphael […]

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A chance for redemption

A tax collector who charged whatever he could to make money turned his heart and his literate abilities over to the task of evangelisation when Jesus invited him to “follow […]

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The Meaning of The Cross

Religious symbols have power.  In John’s gospel, Jesus painted an interesting parallel between two striking images: the bronze serpent and the cross. Both were symbols of horrible death and evil. […]

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Full Of Grace

The birth of Mary cannot be separated from the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Contemplation of one leads to contemplation of the other. The Immaculate Conception recognises that as part […]

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Honour From Shame

Ancient society existed upon reputation as much as brute force. This was evident with the passion of John the Baptist whose memorial day falls on 29 August. In Mark 6, […]

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Two saints are remembered this week.  St. Rose of Lima (August 23) is noted for her piety and chastity. Born and named Isabel in 1586 in Lima, she was exceptionally […]

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