Virtual Tour of St. Edward’s Church

With grateful thanks to local company TownsWebArchiving  we have a fantastic new way for the next few months for everyone to explore the newly refurbished St. Edward’s Church, even if you aren’t able to attend Mass there at the present time.


Click to enter the virtual tour and then use the navigation links on the left hand side to choose the view you would like to take.  If you hit the play button first it will give you a smooth general couple of views of the inside of the church and then give you more information about how to navigate around. You are able to navigate your way around the church using mouse or arrow keys (arrow keys are useful if you get stuck in a corner of the tour!).  The circles dotted around the screen allow you to see particular features in close-up.

If you have VR equipment (like Oculus Rift) it is possible to view the church in 3D.

Guide to St. Edward’s Church

To find out more about the symbolism behind the stained glass windows and other aspects of the church architecture visit  Guide to St. Edward’s Church – Introduction

For enquiries please contact the Parish Office or Fr. Gregory directly by phone 01536 512497 or email:

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