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The Parish Forum ran from 1986-2017. It provided a platform for Parish groups and parishioners to share ideas and communicate views for the benefit of the whole Parish. While mostly attended by Parish group leaders, parishioners were encouraged to have their say and to look on the Forum as a way of becoming better informed about what was going on in the Parish, the Deanery and the Diocese.

The Parish Forum was first established at the recommendation of the Diocesan Assembly in 1986. Originally known as the “Group Leaders Forum” it was later expanded to become the “Parish Forum”, to which every parishioner is welcome.  The Forum had no written constitution and sent two representatives to the Pastoral Area Council.

Over the years many now established groups, organisations and events originated from the Parish Forum. At any meeting you might find the Parish Priest, representatives from the Churches in the Parish, the two local Catholic schools and Eucharistic ministers. There also could be leaders from Parish groups such as St. Vincent De Paul, the Knights of St. Columba, the Union of Catholic Mothers, youth and uniformed groups. Some examples of issues and events raised and organised were the two week Sion Mission, Health and Safety including matters relating to disabled persons, and strengthened administrative support offered to the clergy in times of priest shortages.


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