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St. Dominic's School being evacuated to Kettering
St. Dominic’s School being evacuated to Kettering

In 1939 over 8,000 children were evacuated to Kettering to keep them safe from bombing during the Second World War. The evacuees included several Roman Catholic schools, with teachers, and two convents. St. Edward’s Parish became a new home for these children and many remember their time with great affection. This page provides links to accounts of evacuees lives in St. Edward’s Parish.

Memories of St. Edward’s Kettering by Maureen Brass
Miss Maureen Brass Maureen Brass was a teacher who travelled with St. Dominic’s R.C. Primary School to Kettering. She has shared an account of her experiences in our parish in both print and audio format.



St. Edward’s Kettering by an Evacuee. 1939 – 1945 by Roisin Toole
Roisin Toole Roisin Toole was a child evacuee with St. Aloysius Convent School. She shares her memories of her time in Kettering.

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