Kettering & Corby Districts Sick Pilgrims’ Trust

Registered Charity No.1019007

Website: KCDSPT – Kettering & Corby Districts Sick Pilgrims’ Trust

Patron, Bishop Peter Doyle
President, Rev. Canon John Koenig

Chair, Agnes Gallagher
Secretary, Andy Sipple
Vice Chair, Sue McGrenaghan
Head Nurse, Ann Biddescombe
Treasurer, Graham Smith
Group Leader, Shane Conway
Pilgrimage Organiser, Rose Smith
Committee Members: Mary Murray, Patsy Feely, Maureen Kearns, Eddie Gallacher

The Trust was formed in 1992 as a local charity to bring people who are sick or who have disabilities on Pilgrimage. We have travelled each year to Lourdes in France and took one truly fabulous trip to the Holy Land to see in Christmas and the new millennium.

We hire a purpose built Ambulance, designed for long distance transporting of people with disabilities, for ten days from Across, another charity. Each vehicle carries 24 passengers, usually 10 VIP’S, people with disabilities and 14 helpers. The Ambulance is fitted with 7 adjustable beds, reclining seats, a hydraulic lifting platform, toilets suitable for the disabled, a fitted kitchen, oxygen, resuscitation equipment and basic medical supplies. Without the subsidy provided by Across each fare would cost the trust an extra £100.00.

Each vehicle is in the charge of 2 experienced professional drivers. We cross to France by the Channel Tunnel so that our pilgrims can stay in safety and comfort aboard the Ambulance all the way to Lourdes.

We stay in a suitable hotel with special rooms to accommodate people with disabilities. All meals are included in the cost. Helpers are chosen to include nursing staff and a doctor to offer medical advice and reassurance.

A trip to Lourdes costs our Trust £685.00 per person including specialist insurance cover. Ideally we would like to raise enough money through fund raising to help those who need financial assistance. Many people cannot afford very much especially if they are not employable because of their poor health. A person’s inability to pay does not affect our willingness to take them, that is why we need to fund raise constantly.

The people with disabilities and helpers are chosen according to need. Each trip provides an opportunity for the people with disabilities to travel and socialize, with the knowledge that there is adequate medical care available and at the same time providing a welcome break for helpers at home.

Anyone interested in joining us on a trip, or making a donation, or helping us to raise funds please contact:
Kettering Area Rose and Graham Smith 01933 622555
Corby Area Agnes Gallagher 01536 263986

For enquiries please contact the Parish Office or Fr. Gregory directly by phone 01536 512497 or email:

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