Further Christian Art by Peter Koenig

Paintings by Peter Koenig are displayed periodically within the Parish of St. Edward’s. Permanent works appear on the chancel in St. Edward’s and St. Bernadette’s churches. The paintings are meditations on various stories from the bible. Links to these paintings can be found in the sidebar. However Peter Koenig has produced further Christian artworks some of which can be seen on this page. Please respect copyright and contact Peter Koenig if you would like to use any of these images.

Harrowing of Hell

Harrowing of Hell

Christ as the second Moses, rescuing the dead from hell (Sheol)


Harvest Resurrection

The Harvest Resurrection

A last judgement and gathering of the blessed


Harrowing of Hell - Golgotha

The Harrowing of Hell – Golgotha

Hell is Golgotha-the skull-hill on which Christ was crucified. The two people are Adam and Eve.


The Mocking of Christ

The Mocking of Christ

Christ at the Well by Peter Koenig

Christ at the Well with the Samaritan Woman

Property of Fr Tom Taffe


Great Peace painting by Peter Koenig

Great Peace

The bride of Christ, the Church, goes to the Holy Mountain, the Rock that was Christ.


Christ the Rock by Peter Koenig

Christ The Rock

The Rock that was pierced and quenched the thirst of the bride is Christ.


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