Christian Art by Peter (Canisius) Winfred (Boniface) Koenig

Paintings by Peter Koenig are displayed periodically within the Parish of St. Edward’s. Permanent works appear on the chancel in St. Edward’s and St. Bernadette’s churches. The paintings are meditations on various stories from the bible. Please respect copyright and contact Peter Koenig if you would like to use any of these images.

Baptism of Jesus
Cure of the Paralytic
Cleansing of the Temple
Good Shepherd Resurrection
Jesus by Sea of Galilee
Jesus’ Temptations
Jesus Walking on the Water
The Judas Kiss
Moses Found by Pharaoh’s Daughter/The Striking Down of the First Born of Egypt
Painting for the Year of the Eucharist
Palm Sunday
Raising of the Dead Man
The Transfiguration

Further examples of Christian art by Peter Koenig that aren’t displayed in St. Edward’s Parish can be found here

For enquiries please contact the Parish Office or Fr. Gregory directly by phone 01536 512497 or email:

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