What’s Going On In Our Church?

Looking down the centre of St. Edward's Church towards the altar while it is being redecorated June 2020

Although the church is still closed, our painters and several volunteers work very hard there.
I hope that we will be able to admire the beauty of this wonderful building and enjoy meeting God in a beautiful, warm and renovated church very soon.
I would like to ask you for patience and prayers for all those who put their effort and energy into this difficult and hard work.

Photo compilation of redecoration of St. Edward's Church, June 2020


We Are Raising Funds To Make Our Church More Beautiful!

As you know we have been using the lockdown period to improve the interior of St Edward’s and make it clean and fresh again.  Firstly, we hope that we have improved the church heating so that we can feel comfortably warm at Mass.  Time will tell if we get a cold winter!  Repairs will also be made to the windows which leak in cold air.  Secondly, the carpets on the Sanctuary are being replaced and new easily cleaned flooring laid in the balcony to replace threadbare carpets.  At a later stage, I hope to renew the kneelers, some of which are in a poor state.  Thirdly all the black deposits are being cleaned off the walls (you can see photos of some parishioners at work on cleaning the badly soiled Stations of the Cross).  Currently there is scaffolding up in church in order to completely repaint the ceiling and walls.  We will eventually have a more beautiful church to be proud of, in which to place the most important item of all – yes, we are buying a brand new tabernacle to take pride of place and house our precious Blessed Sacrament.  I hope you like it, here is a picture of our new tabernacle resplendently adorned with angels.

Tabernacle with angels

My enthusiasm to refurbish our House of God was thwarted by the lockdown which has also caused an untimely but serious shortfall in our income from Mass collections, in common with other parishes.  Please do not feel obliged (as I know some of you may be struggling financially in the current circumstances) but maybe some of those who are able to, might consider making a donation, however small, to us via The Catholic Diocese of Northampton Virgin Money Giving page and be a part of making our church more comfortable and beautiful!  You can donate by card or PayPal.

Just click on this blue link >>> Online Donation

VERY IMPORTANT >> If you use this option we ask that you please indicate in the notes section our parish name and area.  Just type in “For St. Edward’s, Kettering“.  Please note that there is also the facility to Gift Aid any donation and so increase its value (if you are a taxpayer) without any further cost to you.

Or instead, simply drop in a cheque to the presbytery (payable to St Edwards Church Kettering) or by post to 2, The Grove, NN15 7QQ.  This option will be Gift Aided only if given in your offertory giving envelope as a taxpayer.

Thank you so much.