A Virtual Tour of St. Edward’s and Further Refurbishments

Still from Virtual Tour of St. Edward's church, Kettering

With grateful thanks to local company TownsWebArchiving  we have a fantastic new way for everyone to explore the newly refurbished St. Edward’s Church, even if you aren’t able to attend Mass there at the present time.

Until Christmas they have given us free access to a Virtual Tour of the inside of the church, which we will be hosting on the website. Visit the tour at:


To find out more about the symbolism behind the stained glass windows and other aspects of the church architecture visit http://www.stedwardskettering.org.uk/st-edward/edward-guide-introduction/

During the last week, we installed protective plexiglass on six of the stained glass windows outside the church.  It was the next stage of work in our church, which I hope will protect our beautiful stained glass windows from damage.

Thank you for your prayers and all your support.

Fr. Gregory