Very Sad News

Rev. Fr.Wilson Kottam MSFS 1968-2019

Rev. Fr.Wilson Kottam MSFS 1968-2019

Fr Wilson Kottam died suddenly on Thursday morning, 7th November.
Please remember him in your prayers and also pray for his friends and family,
together with the whole of the Malayalam Community.

As Fr. Gregory is in Poland, thank you to Bishop Peter and Fr. Brian Leatherland who have stepped in to support us in this sad time by saying Masses for us this weekend.

Attached is a pdf Tribute to Father Wilson from Fr Benny Koottanal MSFS Provincial

The text reads:

My dear Confreres,
There are times we experience the struggle to contain the emotions that are welling up in our hearts. Unexpected events in life make us think again about the vulnerabilities of our life. In human terms we explain, define and express that certain things should not have been the way it happen; all the more so when it is regarding death.

The death of our beloved Fr Wilson Kottam MSFS is inexplicable as human definitions would clarify that he is “gone too soon.” As a Confrere who is just my age I certainly feel like saying that he is “gone too soon.” The amusement, the inspiration and the delight that he left behind bring in a vacuum that require long time and space to fill in. All of us are bewildered and shocked. At this painful moment of the demise of our beloved Confrere let us remain united in mutual support and deep faith to accept the plan of God. In a special way let us console and condole the family members of Fr Wilson and remain united with all of them in this painful time.

Fr Wilson apparently enjoyed reasonably good health, although he had a series of health issues in the recent times. I had visited him about one and half months back in his presbytery in Kettering in the Northampton Diocese. Unfortunately we received Yesterday the very shocking news that Fr Wilson was found dead in his bedroom. Fr Terry McGrath the Animator of the English Province wrote to me: “He did not appear for the mass and was found dead by the Parish Secretary. He was fully clothed and the exact time of his death is unknown.” Later Fr Roji Kuttivayalil gave me the following information: “We have just seen his body. He was found dead in the morning. He died in his sleep… Now we are waiting the police to complete the procedures.” We still await further information regarding the rest of the procedures.

Fr Wilson Kottam was born on April 12, 1968 at Ayarkunnam in the diocese of Changanassery to F. Devasia and Thresiamma. He completed his primary school education in Govt. L.P.S., Arumanoor, secondary schooling in M.T.S.H.S. Kottayam and higher secondary education (PUC) in K.E. College, Mannanam. After his higher secondary education he joined S.F.S. Seminary Ettumanoor in the year 1985. He completed his novitiate at Salesianum and made his first profession on July 16, 1988. He did his philosophical studies in Suvidya College, Bangalore from 1988 to 1991. He completed his theological studies from St Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore in 1996. He made his final profession on May 30, 1994. He was ordained a deacon on June 22, 1995 and was ordained a priest on April 11, 1996 at Annunciation Church, Arumanoor.


  • Assistant Parish priest in the diocese of Chikmangalur, 1996
  • Administrator of Indian Institute of Spirituality and manager of SFS Publications from 1997 to 1999
  • Post Graduation in Media Communication and Management at Christ College, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu from 1999 to 2001
  • Director of SIITMAR and Professor at S.B. College in the Archdiocese of Changanassery from 2001 to 2003
  • Manager of St Francis de Sales College, Hebbagodi, from 2003 to 2005
  • Superior of Jyothi Nilaya, Calicut and Doctoral Studies from 2005 to 2009
  • Community member at Pattikkad, Thrissur from 2009 to 2010
  • Principal of St Joseph College of Communication in the Arch-diocese of Changanassery from 2010 to 2013
  • Superior of SFS Vidyashram, Aluva, 2013
  • Principal of SFS Evening College, Hebbagodi from 2013 to 2017
  • Pastoral Ministry in the UK from 2017 to 2019

At present Fr Wilson was assisting in Pastoral Ministries in the Parish of St Edward, Kettering. He was also rendering spiritual assistance to the Syro-Malabar Community in the surroundings of Kettering.

My dear Confreres, at this painful time of our Congregation and very specially of the members of South West India Province let us remain close to each other. The death of a Confrere is equally our death. It is like a member of my body is gone numb or paralysed. Let this be a time for you and me to think about at least one good quality of our dear Fr Wilson and emulate that in our own lives. The best way to remember a deceased member is to live his goodness through our lives. Let us allow Fr Wilson to live through our MSFS life-style of love, forgiveness and commitment to the values of the Gospel.

The details of the transportation of the mortal remains of Fr Wilson to India are yet to be planned. These procedures might take a few days’ time. Our Fathers Benny Valiyaveettil, Roji Kuttivayalil and Fr Jose Maliekal along with Fr Terry McGrath are organising it. As I get the information I shall let you know about it. Meanwhile the funeral preparations in India will be animated by Fr Binu Edathumparambil and Fr Vinod Kanat together with Fr George Chirayil and the staff of SFS Seminary Ettumanoor.

Adieu Fr Wilson… we miss you… intercede for us now on…


“Let us die to ourselves and to all that depends on us. We ought to live only for God.”
Fr Benny Koottanal MSFS Provincial