The Parish Community in Lockdown – Latest News

Woman talking on a mobile phone

The Parish has begun a “Parish Call and Care scheme” to support isolated and elderly parishioners, many of whom are facing months without significant social contact.

Many thanks to those who have already volunteered to “Phone and Chat” to anyone who would welcome such a chat. While other volunteers to make calls will be very welcome, at the moment we are short of people who feel they would like a call!

If you are someone who would like to receive such calls, from a fellow parishioner, or indeed know of someone who you feel would appreciate such a call, please contact Fr Gregory in the first instance with your name and phone number (and if you are recommending anybody else to receive such calls, their name and phone number).

Fr Gregory can be contacted on 01536 512497 or by email 

Data Notice The personal details you have given will only be stored and used by the parish named above (part of the Diocese of Northampton) for the purposes of administering the Parish Call and Care Scheme.  They will not be otherwise disclosed, unless for your urgent and vital welfare.  Details of how we process your data, and your rights, are on the full Privacy Notice which may be seen on the Diocesan website at