Relic of St. Edward the Confessor – 2021

 St. Edward Reliquary A confessor is a saint who suffers for his faith by striving to resist temptations.  St. Edward was a man of great prayer, he lived off the income of his own lands and helped the poor, revoking unjust taxes.  He was widely thought of as a gentle, loyal and devoted king. St. […]

Homily for All Saints Day 2020

Stained Glass Window in the Choir Gallery of St. Edward’s Church depicting St. Peter, St. Edward and St. Paul Holiness of life is not the privilege of a chosen few – it is the obligation, the call, and the will of God for every Christian Once I read such a funny story about a little […]

Pastoral News 14th October, 2018

Our Patron Saint It is unfortunate that the feast of our patron saint, Edward, King and Confessor, has fallen this year on a Saturday (13th October), so has been somewhat forgotten. Our original church is now our church-hall, but items from that ‘hall’ were eventually stored in the new church – and partly forgotten. Around […]

Pastoral Notes 16th August, 2015

HOLIDAY TIME   Recently I spent a week in Cornwall, based in Falmouth. When somewhat lost in narrow lanes an little way out of the town I came across a subsidiary church, with Mass on Sunday and on a weekday – the church under the title of St Edward the Confessor. I also visited, with […]

Biography of St. Edward the Confessor

Edward ruled England from 1042 until his death in 1066. He lived a life renowned for generosity and piety and was considered a gentle and devoted ruler. He was canonized in 1161 and became known as Edward the Confessor. A confessor is a saint who did not die a martyr’s death but whose life proclaimed […]