New Votive Candle Stand at St. Edward’s Church

We have recently ordered an electric votive candle stand. To keep our church clean and bright, we decided not to use wax candles anymore. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the light that we turn on in the church for our specific intention is only a symbol that can be very […]

14th June, 2020

We are currently working on improving the heating system in our church. Please pray for those who work very hard and for the positive effects of their efforts. I hope that very soon we will appreciate all the work that is taking place in the church of St Edward.  

Memories of St. Edward’s Kettering by Maureen Brass

Maureen Brass was a teacher evacuated to Kettering at the beginning of the Second World War with St. Dominics Infant School. We are grateful to her for an account of life experienced as an adult evacuee attached to our parish and for photographs she has been able to supply from St. Dominic’s School archives. This […]