Second World War Kettering – St. Dominic’s School Evacuees (5) Last Day

Last Day of St. Dominic’s School in Kettering, Sunday in July 1943 In 1943 St. Dominic’s school officially returned to London. Mrs Langley threw a party. Mrs Monaghan returned from London for the celebration. L-R. Back Row: Maureen Brass, Fr. Kevin Jones, Miss Sheelah Hynes, Mrs Monaghan. Standing: Christopher O’Flynn, Henry Fitch, Tommy Bradford, Jack […]

Group Weekends with the Langleys at 91 London Road after the War

Evacuee teachers from St. Dominic’s Infant School, Kentish Town continued to visit the Langley family in Kettering after the war ended. L-R. Ann Robinson, Maureen Brass, Frederick Langley, Marian Monaghan, ?, Agnes Langley, Fr. Gerard Langley. Front: Fr. Clarke

Second World War Kettering – St. Dominic’s Evacuees (3) Mill Hill Station

St. Dominic’s Infant School at Mill Hill Station Teachers: Mrs Monaghan inside carriage looking out and speaking to the porter. Maurice Calnan with coat over arm. Maureen Brass by carriage door looking down. Children: Small group – Margaret Geary (with case), Joan and Betty Geary. Main group – Joan and Teddy Poulson, Selena Lewis, Alan […]

Evacuees Tales

St. Dominic’s School being evacuated to Kettering In 1939 over 8,000 children were evacuated to Kettering to keep them safe from bombing during the Second World War. The evacuees included several Roman Catholic schools, with teachers, and two convents. St. Edward’s Parish became a new home for these children and many remember their time with […]

Memories of St. Edward’s Kettering by Maureen Brass

Maureen Brass was a teacher evacuated to Kettering at the beginning of the Second World War with St. Dominics Infant School. We are grateful to her for an account of life experienced as an adult evacuee attached to our parish and for photographs she has been able to supply from St. Dominic’s School archives. This […]