Updated Mass Arrangements from Easter 2022

Arrangements for Mass Mass Times at St. Nicholas Owen, Burton Latimer 9.00am First Sunday of the month Mass Times at Holy Trinity Church, Desborough 9.00am Second Sunday of the month Mass Times at St. Bernadette’s Church, Rothwell 9.00am Third Sunday of the month Weekly Mass Times at St. Edward’s Kettering Saturday Vigil Mass 6.30pm.   After […]

Provisional Mass Arrangements After July 19th

Although there have been a number of government ministers recently giving outlines of what we can expect, we understand that a definitive announcement will be made on July 12th. regarding the extent of a lifting of restrictions.  The Catholic Bishops Conference will then be giving its guidance as to how this will impact upon our Masses, […]

Mass Time Changes March 2020

Until a second priest is appointed to the Parish of St. Edward’s Mass times are as follows: March 2020  7th March – Mass in St Edwards at 10.00am 14th March – Mass in Burton Latimer at 5.00pm 21st March –Mass in Desborough at 5.00pm 28th March –Mass in Rothwell at 5.00pm Ash Wednesday Mass Times […]

November 24th, 2019

Many thanks to everyone who helped me organize the funeral of Father Wilson. I especially thank the Indian community for their commitment and joint effort. Thank you all for your condolences, support and understanding in a difficult time for me and for the parish. Because there is only one priest in the parish – after […]