Booking for Weekend Masses after the Final Stage of Easing

We do not yet know what final restrictions (if any) the Government will announce for June 21st. but in any case it is likely that the diocese will proceed cautiously for everyone’s safety whilst we still have the virus variants with us.  Many Mass attendees have said that they feel safe in church due to […]

A Pastoral Message During the Third Lockdown

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Last week, we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. ‘Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptised in the Jordan by John.’ This is an historical event. It is also a moment of mystical significance. Our Lord’s true identity is revealed to us as […]

Interview with Jithu by Fr. Gregory

As you know well, one of our seminarians has been living with me in our parish for over two months.  His name is Jithu and he is currently finishing his fourth year of study.  I think that many of our parishioners would like to know many things about a vocation to the priesthood and about formation in the […]

Arrangements For Re-Opening St. Edward’s Church – For Private Prayer Only

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Update 10th June, 2020 As you may know, we had been preparing for an opening on July 4th for private prayer, by which time the Covid health and safety measures we need may have been delivered and installed.  Then the date was eased to June 15th. if feasible.   However, not all churches […]

The Parish Community in Lockdown – Latest News

The Parish has begun a “Parish Call and Care scheme” to support isolated and elderly parishioners, many of whom are facing months without significant social contact. Many thanks to those who have already volunteered to “Phone and Chat” to anyone who would welcome such a chat. While other volunteers to make calls will be very […]