Priests of St. Edward’s Parish

To find archive items for particular Priests of St. Edward’s Parish we suggest that you click on the relevant name in the Tag Cloud. Occasionally a priest may be listed more than once, for example because at various times in their life they have moved from Fr. to Canon to Bishop. If this is known […]

Rev. Father Lockyer – New Year Message, 1925

  [margin entry] New Year Message Jan 1st, 1925   REV. FATHER LOCKYER (Rector of St. Edward’s R.C. Church, Kettering.) Stability and permanence in all things are our great common need. Whether in religion, morals, politics, or economics, they can only be obtained by building on a sure foundation. Whim, fancy, caprice, passion, taste, like […]

Memoirs of the Langley Family: Parishioners of St. Edward’s 1913-2004

Sr. Jo Langley (FMM) is part of a lively parish family remembered by many with affection. We are grateful to her for providing us in 2009 with this memoir of her family and its involvement with St. Edward’s Parish.   The Langley Family at 91 London Road, 1940/1941. L-R. Margaret, Mary, Mr. Frederick Langley,  Mrs […]