O Noble Health…

One of the Polish poets once wrote such words: “O noble health! No one will know what you taste like until he loses you…” I think most of us could say similar words, because we all appreciate people, health or even favourite things or pets, especially when we lose them. Today I can say with […]

Interview with Jithu by Fr. Gregory

As you know well, one of our seminarians has been living with me in our parish for over two months.  His name is Jithu and he is currently finishing his fourth year of study.  I think that many of our parishioners would like to know many things about a vocation to the priesthood and about formation in the […]

7th June, 2020

Today I wanted to share with you the very good and joyful news that Bishop David Oakley visited me last Wednesday. It was my first meeting and conversation with our new Bishop, which took place in a very nice, friendly and fraternal atmosphere. The Bishop saw our church and together with me and Jithu prayed […]

Reflection Based on the Gospel of the II Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Sunday

We have got a very interesting picture of the Apostles in today’s gospel. It is hard to believe that this is the group of Jesus’ disciples who had already experienced the Resurrection, because women told them about the empty grave and the angels they had met there. The apostles have already seen joy and astonishment […]

Easter Reflection and Greetings from Fr. Gregory

Dear brothers and sisters in the risen Christ! We have been waiting for this time for a long time! As Christians, we are entering the greatest celebration in the Catholic Church – Jesus’ Resurrection! In these days we run with the women and the apostles to the tomb of our Lord to see and make […]

Pastoral Notes 8th September, 2019

Message from our new priest, Fr Gregory Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, As you know, a few weeks ago, Bishop Peter has appointed me as priest in charge of St. Edward’s Parish in Kettering. I am very grateful to the Bishop for this decision and for his trust in me. It is a […]