Wedding of Kevin O’Malley and Kathleen Scanlon, October 1943

L-R. Margaret Langley, John McGee, Kevin O’Malley, Kathleen O’Malley (nee Scanlon), Mr Scanlon, Elizabeth Starmer (nee Scanlon)

Reception for Fr. Gerard Langley’s Ordination

  A reception held, April 28th 1940, in the hall of the Ursuline Convent School in the Headlands to celebrate the ordination of Fr. Gerard Langley

The Langley Family 1940/1941

  The Langley Family at 91 London Road, 1940/1941. L-R. Margaret, Mary, Mr. Frederick Langley, Mrs Gertrude Langley, Agnes, Fr. Gerard Langley, Basil.

Second World War Kettering – St. Dominic’s School Evacuees (4)

St. Dominic’s School in Wartime Kettering L-R. Maud Topping (8 years old), Nellie Topping (4 years old), John Topping (6 years old), Raymond Winters (10 yers old). Photograph 1939/1940 by Miss Hynes Copyright: Permission is granted to reproduce the contents of our archive for personal and educational use only, unless otherwise specified by individual copyright […]

Group Weekends with the Langleys at 91 London Road after the War

Evacuee teachers from St. Dominic’s Infant School, Kentish Town continued to visit the Langley family in Kettering after the war ended. L-R. Ann Robinson, Maureen Brass, Frederick Langley, Marian Monaghan, ?, Agnes Langley, Fr. Gerard Langley. Front: Fr. Clarke

Second World War Kettering – St. Dominic’s School Evacuees (1)

Summer Picnic in Wicksteed Park July/Aug 1940 During the holidays Miss Hynes would take those evacuees who remained in Kettering on special trips. This is in Wicksteed Park July/Aug 1940. L-R. Back Row: Jock Dixey, Derek Walsh, John Winter, Rene Verbrugge. Middle Row: John Verbrugge, Jimmy Bradford, George Coombes. Front Row: John Topping, Tommy Bradford, […]