Streaming the Mass Into Our “Church at Home”

Saying Mass at the Chapel in St. Edward's Presbytery during the Covid-19 outbreak 2020Saying Mass at the Chapel in St. Edward’s Presbytery

April 18th, 2020

It came as no surprise when the government recently announced an extension to the lockdown in our country.  So, we enter a further period of three weeks or more of social distancing and staying home.  This may fill some of us with fear and dread but it should also be a source of joy for the opportunity to encounter God and the church in a different way.  Many clergy have been amazed at the number of hits being made on church websites, like our own cathedral, where the Mass can be streamed into peoples’ homes during the current situation of enforced church closures.  In some places the number of people accessing church live stream webcams has increased by more than tenfold on a daily basis, and more on Sundays!  This is not only for Masses but Adoration, Rosary, Reflections and Holy hours.  You may have seen a cartoon doing the rounds where the devil is taunting God by saying to Him:  “With the coronavirus I have closed every church in the world”.   But God turns to him and says “Yes and I have opened a church in every home!”.

While our church buildings have been closed to the public, our homes have become churches and places where we have encountered God in a very special way.  Jesus stands with us in our homes in this extended lockdown and says to all of us “Peace be with you, do not be afraid for I am with you”.  Interestingly this was the theme of the Gospel reading on the day that the lockdown extension was announced.  Please pray especially for those people who are in apartment blocks in cities with no open space or garden in which to enjoy the fresh air, and for people who are living alone; also for families confined indoors with an abusive person.

You can choose your church and time convenient to you at The churches listed in red on that website also record their Masses so that you can access them at any time.

The Altar in the Chapel in St. Edward's Presbytery during the Covid-19 crisis 2020The Altar in the Chapel in St. Edward’s Presbytery during the Covid-19 crisis 2020