Who Does What at St. Bernadette’s Church

'Jesus appears at the Sea of Galilee' by Peter Koenig
Jesus appears at the Sea of Galilee John 21:6-9 by Peter Koenig

Church Contact: Susan Macfarlane  01536 523754

Committee Members Chairperson, Susan Macfarlane;  Treasurer, Nigel O’Dea; Secretary, Barney Cox;  Other members, Tom O’Rourke, May Clelland.

Readers List Mr J Squires, Ms S Macfarlane, Mr N Drake-Lee, Mrs R Sowerby, Mr N O’Dea, Mr B Cox, Mr M Ayears.

Eucharistic Ministers List Marie Ayears, Joan Barrick, Russel Chapman, Hilary Dodwell, Susan Macfarlane, Derrick Robinson

Children’s Liturgy List Phil Brown, Mary & Russel Chapman, Mellisa Jones, Susan Macfarlane, Mary McNeally, Harriet O’Dea, Colleen Riches.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes Classes run at the church on Saturday mornings. If your child would like to take part please contact email: parish.stedwardkettering@northamptondiocese.org

Children’s Charity Concert This concert  by local children from the Parish and local community raises funds for a children’s charity.

Parish Christmas Carol Concert Contact: Susan Macfarlane  01536 523754

Flowers and Church Cleaning Flower arranging and church cleaning work on a rota basis. Please contact Phil Brown via the Presbytery Office 01536 512497 if you would like to become involved.

Passover Supper Annual Passover Supper organised by Susan Macfarlane  01536 523754

There are many organisations working across the whole of St. Edward’s Parish. For more see Parish Groups