Soup Kitchen at St. Edward’s

This page contains pdf copies of the minutes of meetings from 2017 onwards regarding the setting up and running of a soup kitchen in St. Edward’s Parish. For further details of how to get involved contact Canon John on Canon John

Christmas Day Lunch will take place at St. Edward’s Hall. For further information please see:

Steering Group Minutes

Steering Group meeting No.6 26.06.18

Steering Group meeting No.5 24.07.17

Steering Group meeting No.4 06.06.17

Steering Group meeting No. 3 08.05.17

Steering Group meeting No.2 18.04.17

Steering Group meeting No.1 16.03.17

Team Leaders Minutes

Team leaders meeting No.5 22.08.18

Team leaders meeting No.4 07.03.18

Team leaders meeting No.3 20.09.17

Team leaders meeting No.2 25.07.17

Team leaders meeting No.1 20.06.17

Team Minutes

Team C Meeting No.1 09.08.17

Parish Group Minutes

Group meeting No.6 07.11.17

Group meeting No.5 06.06.17

Group meeting No.3 04.04.17

Group meeting No.4 02.05.17