Soup Kitchen and Foodbank

Corona-Kitchen-Eden-Centre-June-2020-Image Copyright Northamptonshire-Telegraph June 2nd, 2020Corona Kitchen at Eden Centre, Kettering. Image Copyright Northamptonshire Telegraph, June 2nd, 2020. 

Since the March Lockdown our own Tuesday afternoon Soup Kitchen has been closed and, it may have to stay closed for some time. The Kettering Food Bank has continued to operate but it has not been as easy as it was for parishioners to make donations via the box at the back of St Edward’s. The Food Bank has moved to:

1 Horse Market, Unit 1B, Kettering, NN16 0DG (side entrance at the top of Market Street). Find out more on our page about Kettering Foodbank

People in need can obtain food from various places on most days. Here is a comprehensive list of free food outlets Kettering Food Outlets Virus Update no26

Frank and Hilary who were part of the St Edward’s team have joined forces with others to support  “The Corona Kitchen”, a hot food takeaway at the Fuller Baptist Church Cafe on Newland Street. Serves from 4pm to 5.00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is costing £350 to £400 a week to fund the “Corona Kitchen”. Donations of food from supermarkets and Grants are covering some of the costs but further donations are always welcome. Please see the newsletter for 8th November, 2020 for details of how to donate money directly.