Something Worth Dying For – Saint Valentine’s Day

Detail of stained glass window of St. Valentine

On February 14th every year, couples around the world celebrate one of the heroes of Catholic history.

As the story goes, Valentine was a Roman priest who married young couples in secret despite the decree of Emperor Claudius II forbidding all weddings. The emperor did this to more readily recruit young, unattached men into his armies. Valentine was discovered, arrested and eventually executed.

St Valentine didn’t officiate secret weddings simply out of compassion for local, love-struck couples. He did it because Catholic marriage is about a whole lot more than just two people committing to live together and maybe raise a few children.

Catholic marriage has a purpose beyond the fulfilment of the two spouses.

It is a call to honour God by living in service to each other, helping each other and their children to grow closer to God and to our destiny to be with Christ for eternity. It is also a Sacrament – a living witness of God’s presence in the world. As such, it has a number of characteristics that define it.  Click the link to find out what they are!