Scenes in Warsaw, from Fr. Gregory

Fr. Gregory with Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw

Fr. Gregory has arrived in Warsaw, Poland and has sent these pictures of the scenes he has encountered on his first day whilst visiting his brother and then his parents.  You can see some buses carrying refugees having arrived from Ukraine.  Also the food and clothes banks that have been set up on the streets for refugees to collect the basics of what they need for their onward journey. Mostly women and children, with husbands and fathers left behind to fight, he says it is heartbreaking to see them arrive just with what they could grab from their homes. As you can see, some arrive in a frail condition.  As the conflict in Ukraine continues there are now around 2 million refugees in Poland alone. They cross the border by car, train or on foot and head to reception centres in towns and villages along the border.

Warsaw is providing accommodation, education and healthcare  but the city’s services are being stretched, the mayor of the Polish capital has told the BBC.  Fr Gregory tells us that in Warsaw, Ukrainian language is heard on the streets as often as Polish now.  On Thursday he spent all day witnessing the generosity of his countrymen and felt very touched.  Whilst there, he is hoping to speak to the Archbishop of  Lviv in Ukraine to take advice on how we can directly help as a parish.  He arrives back in Kettering on Tuesday. We pray for his safe journey.


Ukrainian refugees arriving in Warsaw

Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw
Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw


Ukrainian refugees in WarsawUkrainian refugees in Warsaw