Reopening of All St. Edward’s Parish Churches

I am looking forward to reopening the churches in Burton Latimer, Desborough and Rothwell.

  • The first Mass in Burton Latimer will be on the 5th September at 9.00 am – the first Sunday of every month.
  • The first Mass in Desborough will be on the 12th September at 9.00 am – the second Sunday of every month.
  • The first Mass in Rothwell will be on 19th September at 9.00 am – the third Sunday of every month.

I am sure that the Sacrifice of Holy Mass, which is the essence of our Catholic faith, will strengthen our communities.

Would You Like To Volunteer To Help Your Parish?

Although there has been a relaxation of restrictions generally, most churches in the Diocese have (out of concern for our health and especially the more vulnerable) continued with some level of Covid prevention measures.  At St. Edward’s we have continued with sanitising, ventilation, asking people to wear masks, encouraging responsible self-distancing and cleaning the pews after Masses.  There is also the choice of a bookable socially-distanced Mass on Thursday evenings at which more measures are incorporated as before for those who prefer a heightened level of safety.  In addition, we plan to open our churches at Burton Latimer, Rothwell and Desborough in September for one weekend Mass per month.

All of this is only possible with volunteers to help as stewards and cleaners.  The role now is less onerous than during the height of the pandemic due to the relaxation of some restrictions.  It now basically involves welcoming parishioners, encouraging self-distancing especially at communion, ensuring adequate ventilation and spray cleaning the used pews after Mass.  Now that most adults are double vaccinated, we are now able to welcome the over 70’s to become stewards if they so wish.  Clearly, the more stewards we have on the rota, the less is the commitment for each one.  There is also a weekly church cleaning rota for those who would prefer to assist with general cleaning rather than stewarding.

If this is something you would like to get involved in, please email the parish office stating which role you are considering and which church you could volunteer for.  email:  Training can be given if required.  Thank you.