A Pastoral Message During the Third Lockdown

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Last week, we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. ‘Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptised in the Jordan by John.’ This is an historical event. It is also a moment of mystical significance. Our Lord’s true identity is revealed to us as […]

Deacon Les Allday RIP – 15th January, 2021

I would like to inform you with great sadness about the death of the retired deacon of our parish – Les Allday. Please remember him in your prayers, especially these days, because – as a layperson and then as a deacon – he was very involved in our parish for many years. This afternoon, I […]

CAFOD Reclaim Our Common Home

“Reclaim Our Common Home” is a call to action from CAFOD. A call to participate both individually and collectively in rebuilding a more dignified and sustainable world after the pandemic. As we seek to plan a world after the pandemic, let us tackle the other challenges that plague our common home: the pandemic of hunger, […]

The Baptism of the Lord

Recently we celebrated the great solemnity of Christmas – an event in which the eternal Word became flesh – God Himself became one of us. We enjoyed the presence of the newborn baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Now only a few days later we quickly move to the public […]

Second Sunday after Christmas 2021

Second Sunday After Christmas I would like to begin today’s homily with a brief reflection, or rather a story, about a boy named Emanuel who was eager to know what language God speaks. First, he asked his parents and teachers at school, but none of them knew the answer to such a bizarre and unusual […]

Important Information about Mass at the Epiphany

This coming Wednesday, January 6, we will celebrate the Epiphany. There will be two Masses in our church at 10am and 7pm. To attend Mass on Epiphany, you need to book a place for yourself and your family. The booking line for this day will be open Monday 4th January between 9.30 – 12 am […]