Pastoral Notes September 6th, 2015

We are extremely fortunate in having two excellent primary schools, which the majority of Catholic children are able to attend, help in the task of educating the children in the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith and in the expression of that faith in Liturgy and in everyday life and practice.
For 18 years a team of helpers have organised ‘Footsteps’ a programme for students aged 12 to 14 in Years 7, 8 & 9. This group will begin again in October and letters will be sent out shortly.
Although many years ago there was a lively youth group – (one of their excursions was a 10-day holiday in Rome and Assisi), we have, at the moment, nothing for the older age group, students aged 15-19 (Years 10 and above). Now NYMO (Northampton Youth Ministry Office) have agreed to support the parish in two ways: 1) setting up a youth group and 2) by providing training sessions for potential leaders, i.e. young Leaders under 18 and Leaders over 18. We need young people to come to a youth group and we need Leaders.
PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are at all interested, curious, ever wondered about joining a youth group or working with a youth group, get in touch with Canon John or Maureen or turn up on Saturday 19th September at the 6pm Mass. DO NOT WAIT TO BE ASKED; this is a big parish with many Masses and it is so easy to miss someone who could contribute so much – so just get in touch.