Pastoral Notes September 11th, 2016

Martyrs among lay people
A record is kept of many martyrs at the time of the Reformation who were not clerics, but lay people. Several are included in the prime list of 40 Martyrs. The diocesan calendar keeps a reminder of Blessed William Brown and others for 5th September: “Thomas Wellbourn was a schoolmaster, a native of Hatton Bushel in Yorkshire, and John Fulthering was a layman of the same county, who being serious Catholics, and industrious in exhorting some of their neighbours to embrace the Catholic faith, were upon that account arraigned and condemned to suffer as in cases of high treason; as was also WILLIAM BROWN, a native of Northamptonshire, convicted of the same offence. They were all executed according to sentence (by hanging, drawing and quartering); Mr Wellbourn and Mr Fulthering at York, the 1st August 1605; Mr BROWN at Ripon, the 5th September, the same year”. (BUTLER’S Lives of the Saints).