Pastoral Notes October 23rd, 2016

40 Martyrs
On 25th October 1970 Pope Paul VI canonised, or pronounced as saints, seven laymen and women, thirteen secular (parish) priests and twenty religious who suffered during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in England and Wales, “when the Christian family was tragically torn apart”. Today we pray for these martyrs to help us work for an ever closer unity in our own day. Some of the martyrs are remembered in our own area: St Edmund Campion a Jesuit priest, is patron of one of the two Wellingborough churches, St Nicholas Owen, a layman and maker of ingenious priest-holes for hiding in, is the patron of our Burton Latimer church. St Margaret Clitherow from York is the patron of the Union of Catholic Mothers. The local man we recall each year on 19th May is Blessed Peter Wright, also a Jesuit priest, who ran away from home in Slipton/Thrapston and ended studying for the priesthood in modern Belgium. May they all pray for us.