Pastoral Notes November 1st, 2015

St. Nicholas OwenPATRON SAINTS
As we celebrate the feast of All Saints, we also remember those saints who are patrons … St Cecelia patron-saint of musicians etc. St Francis of Assisi patron now of care for God’s Creation. With so much building going on in our parish towns, we might think of St Nicholas Owen (c. 1555-1606) as a patron-saint of Builders, apprenticed first to his father, a carpenter, and becoming a joiner and expert in the anatomy of buildings, allowing him to save many priests’ lives by providing extraordinary priest-holes, so difficult to detect that some (as in our local Rushton Hall) have only been found in recent times (1940s). St Nicholas, in those very different times, died on the rack in the Tower of London, refusing to reveal any details of his work or of those who helped him, or whom he helped. He was not a priest, but saved the lives of many.