Pastoral Notes May 6th, 2018

In recent years the Church calendar has been updated or altered in different ways, sometimes going back to an older arrangement, as with the Lenten cycle of Sunday and weekday Readings – but sometimes moving feasts to a Sunday for local convenience. (‘Corpus Christi’ is kept on a Sunday for us, while in Italy it is on a Thursday, when everyone has a day off work!) Now the feast of the Ascension is being restored to a Thursday, so restoring the original ‘nine days of prayer’ or ‘Novena’ leading up to Pentecost. Unfortunately, this does not mean a national holiday for us, but the two schools will have a Mass (St Thomas More in our church) and there are two evening Masses – one at St Edward’s and one at Rothwell. All of us can pray a simple daily prayer from Ascension to Pentecost/Whitsunday, praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten us in our personal and parish needs.