Pastoral Notes May 14th, 2018

Every year there is a special Mass at St Paul’s Thrapston, commemorating a martyr born and bred in that parish (1603-1651). The annual feast-day should be on 19th May, the day of his death and execution in London in 1651, but this would be a Saturday this year, so the feast has been transferred to the Monday with an evening Mass at 7.00pm. The parishioners at Thrapston have formed a Guild of Blessed Peter Wright, to ensure that the martyr’s memory and parish-shrine will be cared for in years to come. This year they will be giving out a little pamphlet for free, giving some basic details of Blessed Peter’s life.
As we have such close ties with other Christians in a wonderful way in our time, and regularly share together, our thoughts in our day may be more profitably on the present time and asking the prayers of past martyrs in our present challenges.