Pastoral Notes June 5th, 2016


It was Pope Pius X in 1910 who first permitted children “about the age of 7, the age of reason” to receive Holy Communion and make their first confession. Within our diocese this has gradually become around the age of 8, or more. The Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation (penance) as well as later Confirmation, with the Bishop administering this sacrament, are celebrated in these months of June and July in St Edward’s, but also on occasion in our outlying churches. The Church celebrates the feast of ‘Corpus Christi’ in this season, ‘the Body of Christ’. Our faith is both intimately personal and at the same time communal, as an old saint Augustine write: We both receive the Body of Christ and are then together made the Body of Christ, the Church. May God bless us once more in these days of celebration, in peace and charity.