Pastoral Notes July 8th, 2018

…Revealing them to mere children (Matthew 11:25)

Among the many children receiving Holy Communion for the first time, a good number were evidently encouraged to draw and write some fine thank-you cards. Priests on these occasions may be fairly accurately depicted with just the odd rather wayward hair on their heads, and with happy smiles – sometimes with robes and arms outstretched as in the greetings at Mass. Going beyond the immediate occasion, the priest may find himself reminded of his church titles and a certain ambiguity which may surround them, especially where the sound is clear but the spelling may give rise to some early reflections. This year there was a particular card where the title ‘canon’ – had been, understandably, extended to ‘cannon’ – an easy mistake to make at any age – and so a small, quite accurate picture of a weapon of war (a cannon) was there to remind me – perhaps – not to be too explosive!