Pastoral Notes January 7th, 2018

We wish you all God’s blessing for this new year 2018. The Christmas and Advent seasons have been rather short this year, the shortest possible. This Sunday we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany (or manifestation of the new-born Saviour to the wise men from the east) very specially celebrated as the feast of all the nations, with the angels appearing first to the shepherds of Israel. Many countries still celebrate 6th January, Epiphany, as their special Christmas feast. As this falls on a Saturday this year, we transfer the feast to the Saturday/Sunday (7th January), and then the feast of the Lord’s baptism is commemorated on Monday 8th January. We do have the feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus on 2nd February, but it has become now quite separated from the Christmas cycle – but still a happy family feast marked with the carrying of candles!