Pastoral Notes February 4th, 2018


The saint to accompany us in February is Blessed Cyprian Tansi (large picture in the Lady Chapel at St Edward’s). He wrote: “If you are going to be a Christian at all, you might as well live entirely for God.” Blessed Cyprian Tansi was a Nigerian parish priest who felt God’s call to leave his homeland and enter the Cistercian Abbey of Mount St Bernard in Leicestershire. His main work there was to pray the psalms in community seven times a day. He died in Leicester Hospital in 1964 and was proclaimed ‘Blessed’ in 1988.

There is a great Nigerian Mass in the grounds of the Abbey every summer. A special outdoor altar with canopy stands near the monastery all year. He had hoped to return to Nigeria and found a monastery there – but it was his companion who was able to do that, returning to Nigeria soon after Cyprian’s death. May he pray for us.