Pastoral Notes August 19th, 2018

Feasts of the week
St Bernard (Monday 20th August) is perhaps the most famous of the strict Cistercian Order of monks, in the 12th century (he died 1153). It was a severe rule of life and ‘his friends endeavoured to dissuade him from it; but he not only remained firm – he enlisted four of his brothers and an uncle as well. Companions with apparently no previous thought of the religious life, suddenly decided to leave the world for the austere life of the monastery. Bernard induced in all thirty-one men to follow him – he who had himself been uncertain of his call only a few weeks before. It is a happening unparalleled in Christian history. Bernard’s eloquent appeals were irresistible’. This week we also remember St Rose of Lima, the first saint of the new world (d. 1617), to be canonised. Her monastery was a small hut in her parents’ back garden – not a calling for everyone, but recalling God as present in every place, and walk of life.