Pastoral Notes 9th August, 2015

We are often asked to pray for more priests, but rarely for more Deacons. Deacon means Servant, and the early Church looked back to the Acts of the Apostles (Ch 6), where seven men, including St Stephen the first martyr, were chosen by the people to look after the physical needs of the Jerusalem Church, where all things were held in common. In a short time we find the deacons went out to preach and teach, and the early letters of St Paul always mention elders (overseers) and deacons in the different communities around the Mediterranean. On Monday we keep the feast of St Lawrence, Deacon, martyred in Rome around 250 AD, who embarrassed the nagyr magistrate by bringing the poor and sick to the Court House and presenting them as the treasure of the Church! Francis of Assisi accepted to be made a deacon later in life, but never a priest. Please pray for deacons as they are more and more employed in our diocese.