Pastoral Notes 8th May, 2016

Next Saturday, 14th May, the ‘Mission Party’ arrive in our parish. Two Sisters will be staying with a family in the Parish and a priest and a lay-brother will be staying in the Presbytery. These will speak at all the Masses over the weekend. There will be daily Mass Monday to Thursday at 10.00am, as well as evening services.
An assembly will be taken at both our Primary Schools on Monday 16th May.
There will be two healing services on Wednesday 18th May at St Edward’s: one will be in the afternoon for those unable to attend in the evening – the other in the evening! Times will be 3.00pm and 7.30pm. The Mission ends on Thursday 19th May, when we need to ponder what we have learnt and pray for new steps for the future.

Please continue to pray for the success of the Mission. Mission Prayer Cards are still available at the back of each Church.
Please take the opportunity of quiet time before Mass and after Mass to say the Prayer.
Please see the Posters in each Church and encourage friends and acquaintances to take part.
Mission Timetable:
Saturday/Sunday – A Team Member will preach at all Masses.
All services at St Edward’s:
Monday-Thursday – Every day Holy Hour 9.00-10.00am followed by Mass.
Monday 7.30pm – God’s Love
Tuesday 7.30pm – God’s Mercy (Confessions available)
Wednesday ‘God’s Healing’:
3.00pm Especially for housebound/elderly
7.30pm For all
Thursday 7.30pm – Final Service