Pastoral Notes 7th October, 2018

Month of October
It has sometimes been pointed out that our calendar, as Catholics, does not coincide with the simple day-by-day calendar. We have our own calendar, with our own commemorations, which cut across the simple weekly arrangement. So October can be known as the month of the Rosary – the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary being 7th October (a Sunday this year, so obscured), and remembering a long-ago battle won on that day in 1571, but leading to a call by the Pope to pray the mysteries of the Rosary throughout the Church. The feast of St Edward, our patron-saint is on a Saturday this year (13th October), but still a good time to be encouraged by his example of peace, prayer and charity. The first parish priest of our parish was established in 1891, so we have many years to be thankful for and awareness that the Parish has seen many challenges and so much to say thank you for over these years. The ‘Rosary’ Church-display of our Malayalam community brings us right up to date.