Pastoral Notes 7th May, 2017

Often a coffee/cake morning is advertised to follow Wednesday morning 10 am Mass. There is a little raffle – home made cheese buns and home-made cakes can be bought – and the money goes to a variety of charities, as advertised. For some weeks money was sent for the new Northampton Cathedral Centre. But now we are mostly collecting for Father Jo Kizito in Uganda, a friend of the parish for many years. Father Jo is a priest of Hoima Diocese in Uganda but has been chaplain to a Refugee Centre for many years. It can be very heart-breaking – terrified people escaping from wars in South Sudan, in Rwanda (Hutus and Tutsis), and other places – numbering between 25 – 33,000 people at any one time – families given a little plot of land, tools for growing food etc. Father Jo is hopefully coming to see us in summer – early July to mid-August if he is lucky. It gives him a break and us a chance to talk with him again. Do consider coming to the post-Mass gatherings.