Pastoral Notes, 7th February, 2016

The word ‘Lent’ it seems comes from an old English word meaning ‘Spring’ ! – a lovely time of new growth, a new season and fresh beginning. It sounds more hopeful than penitential, a season of quiet – perhaps a time to rest with God in prayer, with all the challenges of life put into his care. We are blessed with a church open each day for us – though we cannot always escape the traffic-noise. ‘Fasting’ and ‘penance’ can be translated as ‘doing less’ – not so hectic, not so many distractions. Good advice for priests! St Paul has some words too: ‘Be at peace among yourselves … care for the weak and be patient with everyone. Be happy … pray constantly, and for all things give thanks to God’.
(First letter to the church in Thessalonika).