Pastoral Notes 7th August, 2016

The Catholic dioceses of England and Wales were restored by Pope Pius IX in 1850, only seven at the time – one being (a very much larger) Northampton Diocese, which stretched from the River Thames at South Bucks to Norfolk and Suffolk. Today there are 22 dioceses, and Northampton Diocese was divided in 1976, establishing the East Anglia Diocese as a new diocese. Before that Cambridge was part of our diocese and a former parish priest of Cambridge, Father Anthony Philpot, had his Requiem Mass on Tuesday 2nd August, 12 noon, at Our Lady & English Martyrs, Cambridge. He had the task of being spiritual director/guide to students for the priesthood in Rome, for a period of ten years. Our own parish of Kettering looks back to 1891 when there were few priests in our large diocese. This is a challenge which arises again now in our very different world, but with congregations now from every continent. As Mass is offered for Monsignor Anthony Philpot (above), we might pray for all priests and communities of the faithful.