Pastoral Notes 6th August, 2017

By the time you may read this, I will have been on holiday and returned – from Scotland. When I was parish priest in Milton Keynes, many years ago, and greeting people as they left Sunday Mass, I still remember overhearing one elderly lady asking ‘What was Father talking about?’ – and the reply came, ‘Oh, he was talking about his holidays again!’ Now instead, I am writing to say I have been to Scotland many times, as I do this year, and have been across to the islands of Mull and Iona, not to speak of Skye – where I was disappointed to find that ‘over the sea’ was just fifty metres on a ferry! But a most beautiful area. I recommend the cathedral of Oban and the Abbey of Pluscarden, a real medieval abbey restored to its original use after years of just being a ruin. If you have been to all these places I hope it brings back happy memories.