Pastoral Notes 6th April, 2014

Sunday Hospital Service
Every Sunday morning at KGH Chapel, there is an ecumenical service of prayers, hymns, readings and a short address. This service has been led by our parishioners (as well as other Churches) for 23 years, and we have to be very proud of this work. At present the service is led by us six times a year, on the fourth Sunday of the month, but every other month. There is always a little support group from our parish but one leader. There have been five leaders from St Edward’s, but people have moved on and we now have one! It is a great service to those sick in hospital. Our surviving leader has many years experience and would be well able to train new leaders over the months. Could you help? Please think about it. Patients are so appreciative of the Eucharistic Ministers bringing them Holy Communion, but also of this Sunday service. Please have a word with Canon John for more information. Thank you.