Pastoral Notes 5th November, 2018

Eucharistic Ministers

We have been blessed in our parish with a good group of Eucharistic ministers for very many years. We do need and rely on them! They do an excellent service in our community. We now need more! Over twenty years have gone by since we made our present arrangements. Ministers are needed – in church and in hospital visiting and in other care homes, including Cransley Hospice. But no one is expected to do every task.

So now this is a request for more members of our parish to be trained. It is not a complicated service, but it is a very important one which obviously we want to fulfil as best we can. So, new recruits – please contact Canon John. Once we have a little group, we can then arrange dates for the training. Please pray about this and consider if you can help. In the early Church it was a common calling of the faithful. In different circumstances, we try and continue this service. Thank you.