Pastoral Notes 5th May, 2019

Harmony & Peace Between People of Different Faiths

I handed in the following letter in response to the personal visit from Iman Khan from the Kettering Muslim Association.
“I am writing to say how much I and the community of St Edward’s have been touched by your most loving expression of grief over the recent attack on a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka. May we in turn express our horror and dismay at all such murderous actions, such as at the Mosque in New Zealand, and pray that the sense of unity and respect between people of faith may grow under God’s guidance. With kindest wishes from us all. (Canon) John Koenig.”

Pope Francis and other leaders continue to make efforts at mutual respect and understanding. We continue with our regular prayers for these efforts to bear fruit, and that we remain determined ourselves to be guided by our Saviour, the Prince of Peace.